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Annual Exams

Cervical Cancer Screening

The Pap smear test was invented by Dr. Papanicolaou. It is currently the ONLY test that can prevent cancer in women through early detection. All other tests (for example a mammogram) only help us find cancers after they exist. Pap smears can detect pre-cancers that we can treat before ever turning into cancer.

  • Begin at age 21 or within three years after first sexual intercourse
  • Get tested annually thereafter
  • High risk human papilloma virus screening is also recommended in women over 30

Pelvic Exams

The pelvic exam might be just looking at your cervix or testing some of the mucous for an infection. It also includes a "bimanual exam" where both hands are used by your doctor to get an idea of how big your female organs are – a finger is placed in the vagina to gently press on your cervix and the other hand is used to gently press on your abdomen.

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