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Breast Exams

BSE (Breast Self-Exam)

A breast self-exam is done to detect changes that could lead to breast cancer. To learn what is normal for your breasts and to find any problems, you should do a breast self-exam once a month. It is one of the best things you can do for your health. Finding and treating breast cancer early can save your life.

By doing routine breast self-exams and having routine mammograms and checkups, you can help detect breast problems early.

CBE (Clinical Breast Exam)

A clinical breast exam (CBE) is a physical exam done by a health care provider that involves looking at and feeling the breasts and underarm for any changes or abnormalities (such as a lump). The breasts should be checked while you are sitting up and while you are lying down. It is a simple test that should be done as part of your regular medical checkup.

Starting at age 20, CBE is part of routine breast cancer screening for women. When women begin having mammograms, CBE complement these screenings.

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