Cassie Health Center for Women provides "expecting mothers" in Grant County with the best in prenatal and obstetrical care. Our goal is to ensure that mother and baby are healthy throughout the entire pregnancy.   Below are just some of the services we provide.

Note to Mothers-to-Be: The Providers of Cassie Health Center share the call schedule.  
The Provider on call will be delivering your baby, so we encourage you to make an appointment with each one.

Please note that the health information on this website is for general background purposes and is not a diagnostic tool, nor is it a substitute for medical advice or treatment for specific conditions. We encourage you to talk with your doctor.


What to expect
Advice From Your Doctor

Safe Medications for
Pregnancy and Breastfeeding

Testing for Birth Defects
Ultrasound During Pregnacy



Cord Blood Education

Just for Fun

Due Date Calculator
Baby Names

We offer emergency Medicaid for OB patients.


Your Delivery

Labor Instructions
Pain in Labor

Cesarean Sections

American College of Nurse-Midwives

After Your Delivery


Birth Control

The Pediatrician

Weight Management

The Biggest Loser
Weight Watchers