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The Pediatrician

The hospital requires a pediatric doctor, called a pediatrician, to see and evaluate your newborn at the hospital.   

A pediatrician has specialized education and training to care for children under the age of 18. 

Following delivery the hospital staff will call your pediatrician to announce the birth of your baby.  Your pediatrician or their representative (usually a partner in their office) will come to the hospital once or twice a day to see their patients.

After assessment of your baby, the pediatrician will see you to discuss your baby’s care.  They often give you basic information about the first two weeks of life concerning feeding, sleeping, warning signs and when to return to the doctor’s office for continued care of your newborn.

Parents of male infants may be interested in a circumcision.  Please check with your insurance to verify coverage for a hospital procedure or office procedure.  If you will be seeing another pediatrician after discharge, the hospital pediatrician may decline to perform the circumcision.  The procedure can be done at a later date in the office.

You also can access a list of pediatricians at your health insurance web site.

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