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Cord Blood Education

Saving your baby's cord blood stem cells can be lifesaving to your family

Cord blood, the blood remaining in your baby's umbilical cord after birth, is a rich source of valuable stem cells that have been successfully used in a variety of medical treatments.

  • Cord blood stem cells are saving lives today and have been used in transplant medicine for more than 20 years. Cord blood has been used to treat nearly 80 serious diseases, including leukemia, other cancers, and blood disorders. Having the stem cells available can be lifesaving for your baby or other family members.
  • Cord blood currently is being researched for use in regenerative medicine where stem cells may help induce healing or regenerate cells to repair tissues. This exciting new area of research has led to clinical trials using cord blood in experimental therapies to treat cerebral palsy, brain injury, and juvenile diabetes.

Learn more by downloading a Cord Blood Information brochure.

Click here to enroll and receive your Cord Blood Collection Kit.

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